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Reservoir Dogs

After an unsuccessful raid on a jewelery shop gang of four meets in a deserted suburban warehouse. White (Harvey Keitel), Orange (Tim Roth), Blonde (Michael Madsen) and Pink (Steve Buscemi) realize that among them is a traitor responsible for the blunder. Their principal, Joe Cabot (Lawrence Tierney), exposing the demands of a police informer, but mutual Reservoir Dogsaccusations, hostility and distrust are not conducive to his discovery. The growing atmosphere of suspicion will be the beginning of a bloody tragedy. Joe Cabot and his son, Nice Guy Eddie, develop a plan for stealing diamonds. To jump employ six bandits with nicknames: White, Orange, Blonde, Blue, Pink and Brown. Unfortunately, in the scene, the police unexpectedly shows up. Criminals manage to escape, but Orange is wounded. Bandits meet in an abandoned warehouse, waiting for Cabot and his son, trying to find out where the police knew about plans to jump on the jeweler. When their actions do not bring results, they start blaming each other for the failed action and finally comes to crash.


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