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“Passenger” can be described as a confession female kata. The whole thing is told from a first person perspective and begins at the moment when

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Lisa, a rich lady, who is traveling with her husband on the luxury liner “Batory”, sees entering the deck Marta. Were it not for a sudden meeting that started in the mind of many pozamykanych Lisa long to lock the door, it’s possible that a woman would never drawn by any reflection on his participation in the Holocaust. Her confession in the form of memories relationship with Martha, told twice, is marked by cover the same degree of blame, which naturally conceived superiority. Shocked when he confessed the truth to her husband, her past self is benevolent and loving, fills a woman who went to work because of his nationality and feeling the burden of responsibility, she tried to help the prisoners.

But already the second version of the story, expediency alone in the cabin vessel, for myself and the invisible eye viewer, it comes with a real harpy, who not only served with Marcie, which competed with her, envied her loving man and the pure feelings which were not able to pacify the absolute conditions of Auschwitz, she hated the fact that poor Polish girl presented him dignity, which put on a pedestal a German race had no chance to reach. Although “covercity” was appreciated and Cannes, and Venice, I’m far from naming her masterpiece. Not because he has something wrong, but for the simple reason that the movie is incomplete. For too many lies unspoken between scenes and the same transitions from reality to flashback and narrator suggestions will forever be only suggestions and can powerfully relevant forecasts intentions Munk, and maybe a bit chybionymi.

It’s a shame that “The Passenger” was not completed according to the original plans, but people who have dedicated themselves and released it in a public space, you need to have great respect, not only paid homage to deceased colleague, but also gave the world the very mixed picture of the times that will live for a long time to be stuck in a cultural awareness of Europe. Or maybe in this version, in which you have dopowiadać himself as the sad irony of Munk’s film turns out to be a bit more perfect? Dvd cover for “The Passenger” are made by Matthew Więckowskiego. Matthew does cover dvd and blu-ray cover such as the “Passenger” and makes it the. This site provides free cover for the film The Passenger.


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