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interesting information about the films

Kristen is introduced to Dr. Gerald Stringer, who uses experimental therapy. Then she the dvd covers film begins with Marnie Watson (Famke Jannsen) being driven home in a New York City police car. She stands outside for a few seconds, before going in to the dvd covers house. Shanks

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(Bobby Cannavale), the dvd covers cop escorting her, tells her not to get used to fresh air. He lets her in to the dvd covers hall, and Shanks tears off the dvd covers police crime scene tape that had been left there. After they get inside, someone comes to fit her ankle bracelet, and they tell her she cannot  more than 100 feet from the dvd covers detector in the dvd covers hallway. Shanks treats Marnie quite badly, telling her she will remain in the dvd covers house until her sentence is up. He tells her to clean up some blood from the dvd covers wall, and that she will have lots of time to think about what she did. Marnie argues with him, telling him that if the dvd covers police had taken hercrime reports seriously, her husband would still be alive today. the dvd covers cynical Shanks leaves with indifference.meets the dvd covers inmates Emily, Sarah, Zoey and Iris and the dvd covers tough nurse Lundt. During the dvd covers night and in the dvd covers shower later, Kristen sees the dvd covers ghost of a woman and she learns that she is Alice Leigh Hudson, a mysterious wicked intern that has disappeared. When Iris is ready to go home, she is attacked by the dvd covers ghost of Alice in the dvd covers basement and murdered. She vanishes and the dvd covers inmates decide to seek Iris out. Then Sarah is abducted by the dvd covers Alice and also killed; the dvd covers next one is Emily. Meanwhile Kristen escapes from her room and meets Zoey, expecting to protect her.

However, Zoey is kidnapped by Alice and Kristen runs to Dr. Stringer’s office.Later that night, she is going upstairs, when the dvd covers ghost of her husband, Mike Watson (Michael Paré) pushes her down the dvd covers stairs. As she crawls to the dvd covers front door, she sets the dvd covers detector off. She stands up, and Mike lunges at her. Shanks

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arrives a short time later, and finds her unconscious at the dvd covers front door. She tells him she fell down the dvd covers stairs. He asks her if someone is beating her, but she tells him she wouldn’t cover for anyone. HeJoey comes over the dvd covers next day, and tells her he knows what happened in her house. She then reads a book on exorcising spirits, and finds out that it is necessary to remove the dvd covers dead person’s belongings  from the dvd covers house. She collects Mike’s things from the dvd covers basement, and he attacks her. She grabs his case, but Shanks appears and tells her he heard screaming. He decides that Joey is hitting her. He believes that she is covering for Mike’s killer, and tells her he will protect her. She tells him he can’t protect her. He tells her he read Mike’s files and saw what he did to her. He apologises for not doing anything at the dvd covers time. then chastises her for not cleaning up the blood stain, which has reappeared on the dvd covers wall. She snoops his desk and finds a report with the dvd covers truth about Alice.


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