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“Leon” production: France, USA Genre: Drama, Crime Release Date: 1995-05-26 (Poland), 1994-09-14 (World), directed by Luc Besson Luc Besson picture screenplay by Thierry Arbogast Music Eric Serra, author of dvd cover: Ellen Greene. Mathilda (Natalie Portman) is growing up in a pathogenic environment,

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step-sister and little brother. Her stepfather (Michael Badalucco), earning movie covers storage at home drugs. When it turns out that they are not the end of ‘clean’ the whole family begins to pack up in dvd covers trouble. Soon after, a group of those who are ‘good’ in the house of his stepfather put revenge by killing the whole family. movie covers their head is a corrupt cop Norman Stansfield (Gary Oldman). Shambles of their lives furnished only twelve years old Mathilda, who happened at that time had to go to the store. Girl after returning quickly realizes the situation and to escape with his life, goes to his neighbor, Leon (Jean Reno). Man agrees to help her. Mathilda notes that this apparently calm and balanced person, a neighbor, near which she lived so many years – is a professional killer. However, this does not discourage a brave girl, whose only goal is revenge movie covers people who killed her family. Profession Leon can it in this much help. However, neither for him nor for her first movie covers is not easy – chasing a killer Mathilde nipping at its heels, and Leo must take care not only about his own skin, but also a spoiled twelve year old who wants to learn to kill. Escaping from the clutches of drug mafias is virtually impossible. The author of an alternative DVD cover for “Leon” is a Valentine¬† Urban. Valek does dvd covers such as “Leon” and its placement in the Pre-release “DVD cover covercity” where they are comprehensive.


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